Cincinnati SEO Services

Obviously you are here because you’re looking for an SEO Company.  My name is Brandon Wirick and I own this firm.  We are not just a Search Engine Optimization company, we are a Search Engine Marketing Company.  We focus on not only getting your website ranked to increase traffic and visibility, but we analyze the conversion factors of your site to make sure that it is turning visitors in to customers.

Most of our competitors will celebrate if they get you on the first page of Google, but this isn’t necessarily going to bring in more revenue to your business.  You need to make sure this new traffic is converting.  Not only that, being on Page 1 will get your site more visibility, but the bottom of page 1 is 10 times less effective than being at the top.

At Search Engine Summit we don’t stop until you are ranking in the top 3 and most of our clients end of being #1 for the majority of their keywords.  There is absolutely no reason to settle for second best.  If you are in business you should have aspirations to dominate your market.  That is exactly what we focus on for our clients.  The Queen City is a perfect market for your niche.  It doesn’t matter if you are a dentist or a plumber, business is booming and every day you aren’t #1 you’re losing to your competitors.

Cincinnati SEO doesn’t have to be complicated, but you do need all parts of the formula.  Traffic without conversion is useless.  And on the flip side, the best website in the world with no traffic is like a tree falling in the woods.  There’s a saying in the SEO world, “The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google.”  And it’s true!

The magic formula is to get the traffic AND convert it into leads and customers.  The traffic comes from ranking at the top of Google and the conversion comes from a professional Search Marketing Company tweaking your website.

Many Cinci SEO Firms are simply trying to get your money and show some results just so you won’t cancel.  We change businesses forever.  As entrepreneurs ourselves we have the true passion for helping business owners thrive and dominate their market.