Hello!  My name is Brandon Wirick and I am a business consultant who provides services that rank your Business Website higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and more!  I also manage Twitter and Facebook accounts so you can spend 100% of your time running your business.  You can learn about my Web Design Services by clicking here.

About Me: I am a family man and was raised in the Knoxville, TN area.  I am different from other SEO Firms because I spend all of my time moving your website to the top spot of Google.  Other companies blur your vision with tons of other services because they are not 100% confident they can achieve the #1 Spot!  I love helping small businesses grow because I am an entrepreneur myself.  I had my first online business when I was 17 and have loved working online ever since.  I am a Knoxville SEO (search engine optimization expert) because I live in Knoxville, but I do SEO for businesses worldwide.

Note: When you contact us you may speak to one of my assistants.  Please be aware that I am the only person that will be doing any SEO work to your website or other properties such as Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Fun Fact:  My mentors are the top SEO Experts in the World.  The reason I have never failed to rank a website is because these veterans are just a Facebook message or Skype away when I need them.

“Our Mission is to help businesses cut their online advertising costs by over 50%, while increasing their traffic from Google and Bing over 45%.”

Common Questions/Worries:

#1: How do I know this will work?    I have been ranking sites in Knoxville SEO and worldwide for years.  There are formulas for ranking sites, just like there are recipes for baking.  It takes a bit of time and a LOT of knowledge, but with the right tender loving care your site will move to that top spot and drive organic, targeted, PROFITABLE traffic.  

#2: I am worried about the cost:  If you are worried about the cost after receiving your assessment (that comes after filling out the Discovery Form) I base the cost of my search engine optimization services on my clients getting at least a 5-8X ROI within 6 months, 10X+ ROI within 12 months, and spending at least 3X less than Google Adwords would cost.  

#3: Do you have proof:   Absolutely I do!  Check out my proof page