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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

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We are Search Engine Summit, a Knoxville SEO consulting firm who provides services that rank your Business Website at the top of Google and Bing, so you are the first option they have to click on when they search for your area + service.  This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  

About Us: We are a company that resides in Knoxville, TN.  While we work with companies nationwide, The Marble City is our hometown.  

Other Knoxville SEO companies are not confident that they have the ability to deliver what they promise regarding their SEO Services, therefore they DON'T offer any type of guarantee.

We are one of the only Search Engine Optimization firms in the United States that will give you a guarantee in writing.  

While choosing an SEO company in The Heart of the Valley can be risky, there is no risk when hiring Search Engine Summit. 

If you're reading this page you are most likely a business owner.  As an entrepreneur you should have aspirations to dominate your market.  You shouldn't be happy with your competitors taking revenue out of your pocket, but thats exactly what they're doing!  Every day that has gone by that your competition is showing up higher than you in the search results is MONEY LOST.  

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What we do

"Our Mission is to help businesses cut their online advertising costs by over 50%, while increasing their traffic from Google and Bing over 45%."

We combine all resources the World Wide Web has to offer to make a huge impact on your business.  

We use PPC (Pay Per Click) to ensure keyword profitability before spending months of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) resources on that particular keyword.  This ensures that we are ONLY spending time helping the business make money.  

The Result? 

Your business ranks organically for the most profitable keywords, so you never have to pay to advertise these keywords again.  

This means instead of paying $3 per click for your best keywords, you are at the top of Google when someone searches using that keyword, so the clicks are free!  

Remember: SEO is a short term cost, PPC is a long term cost.  Our goal is to minimize the cost of PPC, while utilizing SEO to it's highest potential.